Toronto, Ontario, Canada   

Brockville Charter Dives

2023 August 5th and 6th 

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Number of divers:20
Recent Experience Rating (RER) : C
Divemaster:  Mike McCabe
Cost: $240 for members $140 for DM
Emergency Assistance Plan
EMS Information for Scuba related injuries. Hand to EMS  


Directions to ABUCS
Brockville Adventure Center (ABUCS)

The St. Lawrence River, the main shipping route for centuries, where hundreds of vessels met their fate. From wooden schooners with cargo of grain or coal. From the warships of the early 1800’s to modern day freighters, today we see them lying along the river bottom, waiting to be explored. Diving in Brockville can be considered warm(er) diving for its geographical location. Warm surface water from Lake Ontario flows and mingles around the many islands causing the water temperature to “equal out” through all depths! Brockville is known for its lack of thermocline, warm summer waters and good visibility, making the diving experience that much more enjoyable. Late Summer Diving can bring water temperatures up to 75+ degrees, and divers enjoy the St. Lawrence in only 6 mm farmer johns. Both drysuit and wetsuit diving can be experienced in Brockville depending on the time of year. Early spring and late fall dives are mostly enjoyed in a drysuit, but can be done in full 7 mm wet suits with both hoods and gloves. For those not familiar with the Brockville experience, we recommend bringing a full 6 mm wet suit with both a hood and gloves. Due to the number of Zebra mussels in the St. Lawrence river, it is recommended to always wear gloves when diving – and always a clever idea to bring along your diving light!



 Who am I diving with in Brockville:  Leeann Smith, Owen Jones, Sonia Sampson, Adam Halbert, Mike Lavigne, Richard Hedges, Ed Rutland, Mike Napran, Bill Mitchell, Nora Mark, Jack Purchase, Gail Overton, Heater Lemieux, Mike McCabe, Paul Francis, Gord Aikens. Jennifer McClleneghan