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We are a Club for both enthusiast scuba divers and for those just starting out in the sport.

Scarborough Underwater Club Incorporated (SUCI) today

Our Club is a “Not for profit” organization run by Members and PADI professionals who are all volunteers. 

SUCI is a community partner with the Toronto Pan-Am Sports Center (TPASC). We rent access to the best scuba diving practice and training pools in Toronto.

Our annual membership fluctuates between 70 and 100 scuba divers and scuba  trainees

Membership is open to Certified Scuba Divers and Students enrolled in a SUCI Open Water Scuba Diving Course.

FREEDIVING activities are not permitted at SUCI. Basic skin diving is permitted but must be in compliance with TPASC policy. See below.

“No prolonged underwater swimming for time and/or distance. Competitive or repetitive breath holding can be deadly and is not permitted. Hyperventilation is absolutely not permitted.”

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Excellence in safety, Diving Adventures, Fun, Scuba Training and social/friendship 



Established in 1961
Scarborough Underwater Club Incorporated 1961 History The first skin diving (snorkel diving) course in Scarborough was organized by the Scar. Parks and Recreation Dept. Bruce Fleury, the aquatics supervisor at the time, hired an instructional staff of five: four men and one woman. Twenty-nine members registered for the first session in 1960. Classes took place at Porter C.I. January to the end of March. The four male instructors proposed the formation of a scuba club and offered to conduct the first training program. Nineteen graduates from the previous snorkel diving course enrolled. The training staff appointed an interim executive. Continued >>>
Diving in the 1960s
The first scuba training program was at Porter CI in the spring of 1961 and did not include an open water checkout, yet it was expected they would all help with the training of new recruits from the Parks and Rec. skin diving program. Membership was $10 + $1/night pool fee and tanks and regulators were rented from Argosy Sports. There were 17 members that first year. The following year, training took place at Cedarbrae Pool and Community Centre – membership went up to 62! (As of 2020, membership is at 103) Herb describes some mistakes made in diving due to lack of experience. On their 5th dive, he and another member dove to 80 ft. at Big Bay Point wearing 20 lb. of lead: “We didn’t drop our belts to get back to the surface but I sure discovered the limitations of a Shark II regulator. That was a lot of hard work getting off the bottom not to mention the amount of water I drank”. (No BCD in those days!) * based on writings from Herb Lynch, former life member and many copies of various Buddylines.
Tobermory 1970
2024 SUCI Training Director Jack Purchase in Tobermory 1970
Innerkip Quarry 1971
Jack Purchase.
Mike McCabe gets wet 2006

New to Scuba Frequently asked questions

Membership fees are primarily used to rent the TPASC pool and meeting room 

Payments are made by Interac  eTransfer to

Yes. When you enroll in our PADI Open Water Diver course you will need to buy Scuba grade snorkel gear. (Mask, snorkel, open heel fins, wet boots, weight belt and 10 pounds of weights). Budget on spending $600 at one of our local dive shops. During your training in the pool, SUCI will provide your SCUBA Unit (Tank, BCD, Regulator)

Yes. After receiving your PADI Open Water Diver Certification, you will want to invest in some of your own gear. This can be done over time and renting gear is a good option while you learn more about diving equipment.

Operational Excellence

Our focus on the safety of our members is job 1. Followed by good fun for all