Scarborough, Ontario  

January 1, 2024


and thank you for your interest in the Scarborough Underwater Club or SUCI as we like to call it.

We have been all about safe and fun adventures in scuba diving since 1961.   Currently we have over 100 members who dive locally, in various lakes and rivers of Ontario, and exotic locations around the world.   Someone in our club is diving somewhere in the world every month.

SUCI is staffed by volunteers, and we have a dedicated group of dive training professionals ready to teach and instruct you.  We train and practice at the fantastic pool facility in the Toronto Pan Am Sports Centre.  

But we are not all about diving. We are very active socially with regular non-diving activities throughout the year.    Join SUCI and meet 100 new friends.  

Check out our presentation to learn more.

Feel free to contact our Membership VP or our Training Director to ask specific questions.  Or, click here to get started.

Yours in Safe, Fun and Adventurous Scuba Diving,

Owen Jones
Scarborough Underwater Club Inc.
PADI 364924