Toronto, Ontario, Canada   

Upper and Lower Niagara River Dive Shore dives (RER A)
2023 Sept. 2nd -3rd

Drift dives on the Niagara River, this may be a 1- or 2-day event.

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Number of divers: 20
Number of Dives: 4-5 over 2 days 
Cost: All SUCI Divemaster Free;   Divers – $20.00
Recent Experience Rating (RER): A
Emergency Assistance Plan
EMS Information for Scuba Injuries: Hand to EMS


Directions to Actual Dive Site
Directions to Marina Restaurant

The Niagara River is a great site for a drift dive, with many entry points, including one that allows you to view a barge if you can hit exactly right and good visibility (depending on the weather). There are a lot of large fish to see on this dive. A full 7mm wet suit and hood may not be required as the Niagara River is relatively warm, 21C or 70F, but bring them along just in case. Wearing a hood is suggested for bacteria reasons. You will need gloves and boots because there are plenty of zebra mussels, which will cut your hands and feet. Also, don’t forget to bring extra weights. Depths can vary from 20 -60 feet. A dive flag and a dive light (for experienced divers considering a night dive) are required. We plan to do two dives on Saturday and possibly a night dive. Sunday will be comprised of two dives. One of the dives may be the “Washing Machine” with an easy entry point that should help with navigation. The Divemaster may choose to dive several miles below the falls, a new dive in the past 4 years for SUCI.

Reservations can be made at Riverside Park campground. After the second drift dive on Saturday and dropping off tanks for filling, we will proceed to the campsite for our potluck BBQ & picnic. A night dive on Saturday is a possibility – so plan your air tanks accordingly and bring lights if interested.

Tank Refills: 

Fort Erie Underwater Recovery Unit 
Dan’s Dive Shop in Ste. Catherines 


Riverside Park, 13541 Niagara River Parkway, Niagara Falls, 905 382-2204
Howard Johnson’s
Comfort Inn