Scarborough, Ontario  

TPASC New parking system in Operation starting 19th August 2022

Info about our new parking system

Please be advised that we will be replacing our current parking system at the facility with a new WorldStream parking system from Locomobi the week of August 15th. The plan is to have the new system operational by August 19th. During the installation of the new system, the parking arms will be raised until the new system is operational.

The new system uses license plate recognition. You will just drive in and out! Parking charges are facilitated using your license plate

PassagePass App 

One of the benefits of moving to the new parking system is the addition of the PassagePass app for Toronto Pan Am Sports Centre lots. PassagePass is a convenient way to pay for parking. With PassagePass, save time and money and skip the pay station by paying for your parking through the app! 

We will also be updating our parking rates with the launch of the new system. There will still be two hours of complimentary parking per visit. The rate will be charged after the complimentary two hours based on the time of entry. If you stay past 12:00 am, you will be charged another daily rate.
Parking Rates for the Facility as of August 19, 2022
Weekday12:00 am – 4:00 pm$9.50
Weekday4:00 pm – 12:00 am$5.00
Weekend12:00 am – 12:00 am$5.00
For those that have a monthly parking pass, you will no longer need to use a proximity card to enter and exit the parking lot with the system. The new parking system will read your license plate and open the parking arm upon your entry and exit. Customer Service will be in touch with instructions on how to update your account, or you may stop by the Customers Service Desk to do it in person.
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Frequently Asked Questions 
Why is the parking system changing?The new parking system will create a better experience for those coming to TPASC. It will lead to less lineups and faster exits. Additionally, it will limit the amount of waste through paper parking tickets.
Are license plates private information?No, license plates are public and can be read by anyone. What is private information is attaching the owner of the license plate with any personal information. Your information is held securely in our system and is subject to our privacy policy.
What happens if the license plate recognition doesn’t work for me and I have a parking package?  How do I get in and out of the lot without paying? 
The system can read over 99.9% of license plates. If you have a damaged plate, we recommend that you replace your plate to be in compliance with provincial traffic laws. If for some reason, the system does not read your plate, there will be a phone number that you can call that is attached to your account that will allow you to access to parking lot with your account. This feature is CallWhenHere.
Tickets can also be pulled to gain entry and you can speak with Customer Service upon entry to the building.
How can I pay for daily parking?There will be a payment terminal in the facility which accepts coins, credit and debit cards.  At the exits, credit and debit will be supported. There is also a mobile app called PassagePass that you may install and input your license plate and payment information for easy in and out access.
I have a parking pass. What if I’m driving a different car?First, you may have more than one vehicle registered with a parking pass. However, only one vehicle may be in any of our lots at one time. Also, if there is a permit in the system with the driver’s phone number you can use CallWhenHere.  If you have issues, you may pull a ticket, and then speak with Customer Service.