Scarborough, Ontario  


SUCI Training Staff 2021 PADI Certified Instructors and Divemasters.

Training Director

Jack Purchase Master Instructor 265464 Teaching and EFR Instructor 2022

Senior Instructor

Raimund Krob Open Water Scuba Instructor 207945 Teaching 2021

Open Water Course and Discover Scuba Diving Organizing Instructors

Raimund Krob
Lauren O’Keeffe Open Water Scuba Instructor 350438 Teaching 2021

Training Instructors

Wil Perre Master Scuba Diver Trainer 366322 EFR Instructor Teaching 2021
Helen Bertolini-Sarri IDC Staff Instructor 281211 EFR Instructor. Teaching 2021

Intern Training Instructors

Andrew Arifuzzaman Open Water Scuba Instructor 459603 EFR Instructor. Teaching 2021

Assistant Instructors

Divemaster DSD Leaders

Rick LeBlanc DM DSD 286960. Teaching 2021
Nora Mark DM DSD 294867. Teaching 2021
Darrell Grainger DM DSD 279177. Teaching 2021
Owen Jones DM DSD 364924. Pending 2021


Mark Luo DM 423617. Teaching 2021