Toronto, Ontario, Canada   

Port Union

2023 July 1 or July 2

Local dive (Shore)

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Number of divers: Unlimited
Number of dives: 2
Open spots . 20
Recent Experience Rating (RER) A
Cost: Divers $20.00, All SUCI Divemasters $0.00
Divemaster: TBA

Emergency Assistance Plan
EMS Information about Scuba Diving Injuries. Hand to EMS


Direction to Dive Site Parking lot

In the 1880s there was a village called Port Union in the Port Union Rd, & Lawrence Ave area. By 1863 a Post Office was established in the train station, which was in the approximate area where the children’s play area is now located. During this time Port Union was an actual Port, with a pier that extended out into the lake directly south of where Port Union Rd ends now. With the coming of the railway more products began to be shipped by rail rather than via the Lake, and when a storm blew down the dock in 1895 it was never rebuilt. 
In the summer of 2022, an exploratory dive was undertaken at Port Union Waterfront Park, to see if there were any remains of the Port Union Dock. We left the shore just west of the hill, which is in a direct line with Port Union Rd, proceeding on a Southeastern heading of 315*. On that day visibility was about 12-15′ with no wind. or noticeable current. The temperature of the water was 62*F. Max Depth 19′. At about 550’/170m on a direct line from our entry point or 320’/85m from the rocky shore of the Hill we came upon a line of boulders in the approximate location of the old dock. ( 43* 46′ 25″ N / 79* 07 ” 59″ W ) Among these boulders were some chunks of cement/concrete.
Should Divers find any artifacts we ask that they be donated to the Scarborough Museum & Archives, which is located at Meadowvale & Old Kingston Rd.
This is a shallow dive with no current expected and although we don’t expect boat traffic near the shore in this area a dive flag will be used.
 Parking is Free and Washrooms are open from 7am until dusk.  Best entry point is a 7-minute walk from the parking lot, on pavement. Bring a cart. As this will be the Canada Day Weekend, we should plan to be at the shore at 08:00hrs to make sure that we get parking and that our entry point is not crowded
Who am I diving with at Port Union:  Raimund Krob (DM), Mike McAllister, Erick Sanchez, Bill Mitchell, Mark Luo, Mike Lavigne, Becky Murphy, Andrea Miller, Keith Evans, Beverley McAllister (Recorder)