Scarborough, Ontario  

Niagara River Drift Dives (Shore) and PADI Drift Diver Course

 June 29th and June 30th 2024. This is a 2 day event.  Designated for the PADI Drift Diving Course and for pleasure Divers

PADI Drift Diver Course details

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Number of divers: 20

Number of Dives: 2-3
Cost: All SUCI Divemasters and the attending DM- Free
SUCI members – $20.00

Recent Experience Rating (RER): A
Divemasters: Jennifer McCleneghan, Raimund Krob

Emergency Assistance Plan:
EMS Information for Scuba Injuries. Hand to EMS

SUCI Dive team. June 2022 Niagara Drift dive

Directions to Actual Dive Site
Directions to Marina Restaurant

This dive has been designated to run a PADI Drift Diving course. You should 
Contact Training Director Jack Purchase for more information on this exhilarating course to enroll in the course. Other divers are welcome to follow along. Divers will enter from the railway bridge and drift  down river with the current.

The Niagara River is the perfect site for a drift diving, it has many entry points and lots of interesting things to see along your drift dive, in a barge, that  with a little planning you can drift over top of, there is also lots of big fish to see throughout the dive. A full 7mm wet suit and hood may not be required as the Niagara River is relatively warm, 21C or 70F, but bring them along just in case. Wearing a hood is suggested for bacteria reasons. You will need gloves and boots because there are zebra mussels, which could cut your hands and feet. Don’t forget to bring extra weights. Depths can vary from 20 -40 feet. A dive  float and flag ( No sausage type floats ) and a dive light (for experienced divers considering a night dive) are required. We plan to do two dives on Saturday.  

Reservations can be made at Riverside Park campground. After the second drift dive on Saturday and dropping off tanks for filling, we will proceed to have dinner. Dinner can be planned as a group, or as individuals.  Please discuss with your Dive Master a few days prior to the weekend

Tank Refills: 

Fort Erie Underwater Recovery Unit 
Dan’s Dive Shop in St. Catherines 

Accommodations:  ( Please make reservations in advance for both Camping and hotels)
Riverside Park,
Howard Johnson’s
Comfort Inn

Who am I Diving With :   Raiund Krob, Jennifer McCleneghan