Scarborough, Ontario  

Gulliver's Lake

2024 May 25 or 26 / 2024   TBD

This is scheduled to be a one-day dive.

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Number of Divers:  25

Number of dives: Minimum of 2 dives. All from the shore/dock
Recent Experience Rating (RER) A
Divemaster: Adrian
Emergency Assistance Plan
EMS Information about Scuba related injuries. Hand to EMS

Cost: Attending Divemaster  and all SUCI Divemasters: free.   Divers: $20.00 + Gulliver’s Lake fee: $10/scuba diver, $5 for Instructors, Divemasters, and Seniors (65 yrs and older)


Directions to this Dive Site

Information on this location

 THIS DIVE IS AN EXCELLENT OPPORTUNITY FOR ALL  MEMBERS WHO PLAN ON PARTICIPATING IN THE ST. CLAIR RIVER DIVES, THE NIAGARA RIVER DRIFT DIVES OR THEPICTON WRECK DIVES.  It is a wonderful opportunity to check out your equipment, tune up your cold-water skills and test out that 7 mil wetsuit or your drysuit.

This is our first scheduled local dive of the season. It is a single day dive (either Saturday or Sunday) that can be turned into a two-day dive with the group’s consent. The Divemaster and the group will make that decision prior to the weekend and that is of course dependent on the weather.  The Divemaster will give more details, but the first dive is scheduled for 10.00am . Divers must fill in a release form available at the front gate, so please bring your certification cards

Water temperatures will be in the mid-50’s  F (10 Deg C) with depths going to 25′. There are designated diving and parking areas, with 2  Scuba club owned platforms that can be used with the permission of the clubs if they are present. For over 30 years, Gulliver’s Lake Park has been a friendly, well-maintained family escape that brings guests back year after year.  The 14-acre lake is spring-fed by artesian wells. 

Day Use Regulations at the park:

Gulliver’s Lake Park has a large area for day use – both picnicking and swimming.  Day use is available every day the park is open (The Park opens at 9.00 am and closes at 7.30 PM daily.

Please note that the following regulations apply and are enforced:

– No glass bottles or containers of any kind

– No animals allowed

– No fishing in the lake

– Swim at your own risk

– Offensive language is not permitted

– No food, beverages, or cigarettes in the water

-Children must be supervised by a parent or guardian.  

-You will find garbage containers throughout the park, please help maintain SUCI’s  good image and use them. 


   Fees are as follows: 

  • Scuba divers can park for free
  • $10.00 per scuba diver
  • $5 for Instructors or Divemasters or Seniors (65 yr. +)
  • Children are $10 if over the age of 12 yr., $5 if 12 yr. and under, and free if under 6 yr.      
  • Reminder !!  Bring your diving certification card, or proof of Certification, as you will need to sign a waiver available at the gate or you can sign ahead of time if sent to you by the Divemaster.       

Who am I diving with

Adrian Van Vroenhoven   ( Divemaster)