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Diver Rating A, B, C

 Dive Rating


Refer to the table below to see what column your diving experience falls into. The lowest letter chosen for any category will be your rating and the dive you will be qualified to dive. Ex: 1A and 1B and 4C’s means your rating is an “A”. You can improve on this rating throughout the season by diving more frequently, diving in cold water, etc…


Cold water: necessitates that a diver wear a 7 mm wetsuit, boots, hood and gloves to ensure thermal protection.

Recreational overhead environment: refers to a situation in which a direct ascent to the surface is not possible, but a diver remains in the “light zone” i.e. natural light, and is clearly within easy reach of highly visible exit points. The combination of depth plus entry must not exceed 130 ft.

Limited recreational overhead refers to a situation in which the combination of depth, plus an overhead entry that is within the light zone, does not exceed 60 ft. For example, a dive that is 40 ft. deep plus 20 ft. into an overhead environment, but still in the light zone.

Limited current describes a current that a diver can swim against briefly.. 

 A B C
Recreational Overhead Lifetime DivesNO Limited Yes
Dives in last 12 monthsNO 1 – 10 10+
Cold water (below 70F/21C) dives in last 12 monthsNO 1 – 5 5+
Max depth in last 12 months0-60ft 60-80ft 80+
Dives with Current in last 12 monthsNO Limited Yes