Scarborough, Ontario  

Divemaster Cautions to Divers

On a SUCI sanctioned dive, each diver is responsible for their own dive plan, and ensuring that they have a buddy that they are prepared to dive with. Safety is always at the forefront of your decisions.

Deciding to enter the water is ultimately your decision. To that end, if you feel uncomfortable diving due to illness, nervousness, water temperature, you feel too cold or too hot, or any other reason, please consider your safety and those you are diving with AND ABORT YOUR DIVE. You must let the divemaster know of your decision.

A SUCI divemaster can determine that a diver(s) is not fit to dive and ask the diver to abort his/her dive. Should the diver insist on entering the water after this decision, the divemaster will tell the diver, with a witness or witnesses, that he/she is no longer diving with SUCI and their dive is no longer sanctioned and void of the Ontario Underwater Council’s liability insurance. Attempts can be made by the divemaster to dissuade or prevent the diver from entering the water. Such attempts can include calling the divers emergency contact person and hiding their dive equipment.