Scarborough, Ontario  

Andrew Arifuzzaman

SUCI Member: Training Staff Volunteer

When & Where Certified: I did my first dive in Cuba in 1995 and dove regularly on vacations by doing discover scuba diving. When my daughter was 16 she asked to get certified, so I did my Open Water course with her and my brother in 2017 and since then have completed many Specialities and became Divemaster in 2020 and an Instructor in 2021.

Favourite Dive: Crab Mountain, Exumas, Bahamas (night dive). Amazing night life with large turtles, crabs and sharks and also the log drift from the Lilly Parsons in the St Lawrence, Brockville, Ontario- a super fun drift dive.

Current SUCI roles: Instructor and Divemaster

Lifetime Dives: 300+

Pet Peeve: People complaining about cold water diving- Ontario has some of the best freshwater diving in the world- it can be cold but that’s why we have wetsuits and dry suits. Diving the great lakes year-round is amazing.